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In March 2012 while driving from Atlanta, Georgia to see my children in Florida, I began to feel an overwhelming frustration about prescribing template Eating and Exercise Plans for my new clients. It was the norm of what I’d done for the previous 29 years prior. No BIG DEAL RIGHT! Wrong!!!

After all, what’s wrong with taking eating and exercise secrets and advice from eating and exercise programs from respected dieting and exercise companies such as TV fitness stars like: Shawn T, Toni Horton, Billy Blanks and Jillian Michael? What’s wrong with taking secrets and advice from other dieting and exercise website programs?

Nothing, I thought!!!

The issue is not that many of these companies don’t know what they are doing, because many of them do. Certainly, they know what they are doing because they are financially successful I thought, once more!

At this point, I began to ask myself if I really cared about the people that I served or was I mostly motivated by money. As I played through my motives, conviction began to set in…THE CONCLUSION WAS…GUILTY!

I quickly realized that I was mostly motivated by money. Once I earned over $400,000.00 in 2004 as my personal income as a fitness consultant and there was no turning back.

Then, I began to think about how I did it. Like many of the popular brands today I got my clients results. Many of them losing nearly 200 pounds under my care. What is there to contemplate?

OUR CLIENTS ARE OUR TROPHIES!!! In a very bad way!


Although we get our clients ‘PERCEIVED’ results, we don’t know what we damaged in the process. Soon after my conviction and the development of The APOLLOS POWER MATRIX, which is now The GENETIC FITNESS MATRIX, I began meeting many people who had PREDISPOSITIONS for different illnesses, sicknesses, injuries and allergies. For some reason many of them had been PREDISPOSED to Osteoporosis (a bone degenerative disease, which can turn into Osteoarthritis). It became clear that as health, diet, and fitness professionals, we were heading, have been heading, and still are as an industry HEADING DOWN THE WRONG ROAD!

I couldn’t stand the thought of knowing that I was contributing to literally DESTROYING the future QUALITY OF LIFE of thousands of people. My heart began to get sad.

Not knowing what a person is PREDISPOSED to by/from FAMILY HISTORY, GENOTYPE, DNA and specific genetics such as: Diabetes, Cancer, Blood Diseases, Allergies, Injury Proneness genetics, etc. can prove to be DEADLY, CRIPLING at best.

PERCEIVED results in this business is exactly that, PERCEIVED!

Look at it this way, now that you know what Osteoporosis is…let’s say you as a personal trainer have prescribed weight bearing exercises for clients who have Osteoporosis as a Genetic Trait, which is a PREDISPOSITION in their FAMILY HISTORY. This is not an ONSET problem. In other words, they have not been diagnosed with the Osteoporosis gene because you have not performed a GENETIC OR DNA test to see if they are PREDISPOSED to anything, including Osteoporosis.

Do you think that it’s wise to start this client off with ANY weight-bearing exercises? NO IT ISN’T! However, I can tell you as a 32 year fitness professional and having certified over 2000 personal trainers and after having trained over 18,000 clients, MOST FITNESS PROFESSIONALS can’t even tell you what OSTEOPOROSIS is!!!! GET MY POINT?

I’LL TAKE THIS TIME TO SAY…WE ARE ALL PREDISPOSED TO: MULTIPLE illnesses, sicknesses, diseases, obesity, allergies, and injury proneness although we may not know it, BUT WE SHOULD!

Our ancestors as closely as our very own PARENTS have passed some “bad” genetic traits on to us…Knowing this information is an indicator that we need to practice a lifestyle that will prevent us from ever becoming ill from what is found in our genetics.

Hence, the GENETIC FITNESS MATRIX was born.

Through scientific research it has been discovered that PREDISPOSITIONS (issues in your body passed on to you by your ancestors, such as: cancer, heart disease, blood disease genetics, etc.) can be just as debilitating as DISPOSITIONS (diagnosed issues, onset or things we know that we are suffering from such as: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, allergies or diabetes and even medications, for example).

The GENETIC FITNESS MATRIX was designed to treat both, PREDISPOSITIONS AND DISPOSITIONS through our patented and copyrighted assessments starting with a HIPPA centered Health Questionnaire (Self Discovery), the actual DNA test (PROFESSIONAL DISCOVERY), and our patented and copyrighted algorithms (that I keep secret for myself). No one else in the world knows this, but me as well as the QUALITY OF LIFE Assessments and Movement Assessments.

I’ll stop here so I will not give away my secret. The next time you decide to take on a client or as a client decide to get on a stringent eating or exercise plan, you MUST default to the GENETIC FITNESS MATRIX and get properly assessed. Let us tell you if…

The Eating, Diet, Exercise, Workout or Physical Fitness program, sport, athletics, contest or training that you are considering is firstly SAFE, secondly is it viable, and thirdly is the best approach for you? At minimum, let us assess you and we will even research the complexities of the programs that you are considering and help you make an informed decision that will benefit your DNA or GENETIC makeup or if these programs you are considering IN FACT MAKE YOU WORSE, which WILL INEVITABLY HAPPENED IF YOU’RE NOT PROPERLY ASSESSED!.

Now that you know better, DO BETTER!!!

I look forward to hearing from you TODAY!

Benjamin Apollos

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    NGA Professional Bodybuilder
  • Top Male Trainer in the World - By Life Fitness 2012-2013
  • National Physique Committee - Bodybuilder of the Year
  • Wartime Veteran and 21-year Career Military Veteran Officer
  • U.S. Marine (Special Forces)
  • Retired Military Chaplain Officer
  • The Fitness Doctor / Doctor Of Fitness
  • Master's Degree in Psychology and Counseling
  • AA & BA Degrees in Public Health and Urban Affairs
  • Former Georgia State Senator Candidate
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  • US Armed Forces National Champion.
  • US Armed Forces Athlete of The Year
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  • Dubbed "TRAINER OF TRAINERS" by his peers
  • Dr. Apollos entered college early at only 17 years old
  • Dr. Apollos taught his first aerobics class at 9 years old
  • Trained over 18,000 clients
  • Certified and mentored over 2000 Personal Trainers.

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